About Us

About Us

Within the last 2 years,we have protected the privacy of more than 30 million people,
which have been successfully deployed to global enterprises by VPN services.

Aman is a security company founded in 2010 in the United States, dedicated to global information security and privacy protection professional team. We have provided security solutions and military-grade networking solutions for hundreds of enterprises around the world. Since 2019, we have set up a new subsidiary and started the transformation, focusing on the transformation of personal business. We have set up a business team for personal solutions and launched AmanVPN series products. Our service support Android, iOS, Windows and macOS systems and is developing in a browser plug-in, Linux, AppleTv, AndroidTv, HarmonyOS etc., let the tens of millions of people around the world to realize online privacy again. Trust is very important for us, and our common vision is to become the largest and most popular VPN service provider in the world.

AmanVPN was created to better protect Internet users online. We are deeply concerned about the future of the Internet. Our glorious mission is to achieve a truly open Internet and protect citizens' access to the Internet. We are true privacy experts and never retain any information about your use to ensure your online security and anonymity.

We are committed to cyber security and privacy and are experts in security and Internet technology, and we are applying this expertise to VPN services. Online privacy is a core value for us at AmanVPN. We prioritize our customers' privacy, security and freedom, and build lasting relationships of trust with valued customers who share our values.

Our goal is to provide privacy, security, the most trusted VPN solution,
and use a free and open Internet.
Secure access, worldwide

Our Great Team

A group of people who are keen on privacy, security and a free and open Internet
Paul Miles
Development Lead
Melisa Marcus
Creative Director
David Nilson
Python Expert
Anne Clarc
Project Manager
Ricky Hunt
Art Director
Alice Wayde
Marketing Manager
Carles Puyol
QA Managers