Guidelines for removing Facebook accounts.

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Facebook is not known for keeping your information! Too many scandals about Facebook have caused its users to pay great attention to online privacy issues.


Cambridge Analytica failed miserably. At this time, millions of Facebook users collected all their data, and this time was less than a long time. This all happens when you start to wonder if you should have a Facebook account!


Since Facebook and many different companies have shared your sensitive information, Facebook does have many questions to answer. These companies have even asked Bank of America for customer financial information before. You dont need to be a genius to discover the dark side of Facebook!


And it's more than that! This is a big security hole. Approximately 50 million users have been compromised. For some people, this is enough to make them leave this social media platform forever!

What is the difference between logging out and deleting an account?

It is important to fully understand the difference between canceling an account and deleting an account. If you decide not to use your account, your information will always be stored in this account in case you activate it later. When you delete your account, it is obvious that you will lose all data permanently because you cannot retrieve it.

Disable your account.

1. Only you can see your configuration file, others can't.

2. Some information, such as sent mail is still visible.

3. Your name will continue to appear in the friend list and will only be valid for your direct friends.

4. The administrator of the group you joined can still see your name, articles and comments.

5. You can still use your messenger account.

In fact, you can describe your account indefinitely, but if you log in to the application or service you are connected to with the same account, you will be prompted to reactivate it.

Remove account.

1. You can no longer react to this.

2. Everything you upload to your account will be permanently deleted.

3. You can no longer log in through Facebook for apps that you used to use your Facebook account.

4. Some information such as emails you send to friends will still be viewable, so it will not be deleted completely.

5. You cannot continue to use your messenger account.

If you delete your account and decide to change your mind, the good news is that Facebook can actually allow you to think about your decision within 30 days. Once this decision expires, all your data will be permanently lost.


Permanently remove account!

If you are sure to delete your account, please follow the simple steps below to permanently delete your account!

1. Please enter your settings page first, and then click the arrow on the upper right to enter the settings page.

2. On the left, you will see a list of available settings. Click on your Facebook information, and then delete your account and information.

3. You will see a web page with suggestions on canceling your account or downloading your information. If you are not interested in any of them, just click "Delete Account"

4. You will be prompted for the password, please click Continue.


Enough! That's it!

Your account has now been deleted!

As you can see, it is easier to delete an account now than in the past. Have you ever tried to delete your account? If you have tried it, you will remember that it is an extremely difficult process between Facebook’s help center and the well-concealed settings. Thank goodness, things have become so simple now!


If you just disable your account, you can follow these simple steps:

1. First, you need to follow steps 1 and 2 in the guide to delete it permanently. Before your Facebook information, go to settings and delete your account and information.

Then click Deactivate account.

3. Or you can go to Settings, General, and then reply to your account.

4. Now you need to enter your password, and then click Continue.

5. Your account is now closed!


If you want to delete your Facebook information to ensure that you contribute to the process, you can speed it up by manually removing certain parts of the content. If you decide to do this, it means you can greatly reduce the 90-day Facebook deletion time.

Here is how to help you delete information:

1. Click on Facebook information on your settings page and click on activity records.

2. You can also click the activity log button in the Facebook profile. Your activity log is part of the Filter panel, allowing you to view and delete comments and articles.


Of course, this process is very long, and you have to view all your Facebook content, so whether you are willing to take the time to complete it is entirely up to you, especially what Facebook does for you! No trouble to you, and no time to search your account!


It's very simple!


However, if you want to keep your Facebook account, but you care about your privacy, you can install a VPN anytime! In this way, you can still use all social media accounts, but they are protected while using them. VPN proxy host is my best recommendation! You get 100% protection, so you no longer need to worry about your privacy! With military-level encryption and the best privacy protection features, you will not be disappointed!

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