How do I unlock blocked YouTube videos

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YouTube is a global platform with over 2 billion unique users each month. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean everyone can get every video. There are many limitations for users trying to use video. Depending on your country, certain videos can be blocked, a process called geo-blocking.

Connect to the VPN

Virtual private networks (VPNS) encrypt your Internet traffic and route it to servers in other countries, making it look like you're browsing the Internet in that country. This encryption will also block your IP address (ISP), meaning your online activities will keep your online privacy.

However, if you are connected to a VPN, the VPN service can see all of your Internet activity. This is why using a trusted VPN service is crucial.


  • Your browsing history will be kept confidential.

  • It's easy to switch between different countries.

  • VPN connections are fast and make it easy to send video.


  • A VPN can see all of your online activity at connection time, which is why you should only use a reliable VPN with a no-logging policy.

Use the Tor browser, which is the last method

You should only choose this option if the local authorities know that you are watching this video, which could have serious consequences. TorBrowser is a powerful privacy tool for hiding IP addresses. Tor lets you send Internet traffic over a Tor network, a network of special servers around the world. TorBrowser encrypts your Internet traffic three times and then routes it to three different servers, making it nearly impossible to track.

Although this is a very complicated process, you can set the country/region where the Tor server is located and, in theory, use the Tor browser to avoid YouTube's geographical restrictions. But given how slow Tor is (and how video streaming will swamp the entire Tor network), youtubers will be better served by using a VPN.


Your browsing history will be kept confidential.


  • Thor's correspondence was slow.

  • Watching YouTube videos with Tor makes other users watch them more slowly.

  • Setting up and using Tor is very complex.

Options to avoid: YouTube proxies

Proxy servers also allow you to connect to another server and browse the Internet just like in other countries. This proxy server hides your IP address to your target site.

However, unlike VPNS, proxies can only work by using connections opened by proxies. (For example, if you're listening to Spotify through a desktop application and you're connected to a proxy server in your Internet browser, only the traffic on your Internet browser goes through the proxy. Spotify will continue to connect to your local ISP.)

As with VPNS, brokers do not add any encryption to traffic. In fact, the free agent disables HTTPS communication in many cases. This means that not only is your data easy to intercept and read, but the proxy service can also track your activities when you connect to you. In addition, free proxy connections are usually less stable and slower than VPN connections.


  • Easy to use


  • Make your data public.

  • Ability to monitor your online activity.

  • In general, performance is poor.


In most cases, using a VPN is the best way to access YouTube videos. To keep your browsing history private, you should only use VPN services that are trusted and don't use logging policies.

AMANVPN is committed to transparency. I want you to know who's running the service. It goes without saying that we want to oppose governments, support journalists and maintain an open resource pool that everyone can use.

For your next trip, but still want to use YouTube to listen to your favorite songs or watch videos sent in by friends, use AMANVPN. This is a quick and easy way to do it.

1. Get the AMANVPN plan.

Sign up for the AMANVPN pay plan for premium features or get AMANVPN for free.

2. Install the application program.

You can download our VPN app on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows.

3. Servers connected to the countries concerned.

If you're not sure which country your YouTube video is in, don't worry! You can connect to servers in other countries by simply clicking on it.

4. Refresh your blocked YouTube video page and enjoy!

You can also use AMANVPN to securely stream video across other platforms, including Disney+,HBONow,Netflix, and AmazonPrimeVideo.

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