How to protect your privacy on dating apps

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Account security

As with all your Internet accounts, use a powerful unique password and two-factor authentication (if available).

Be wary of anyone sending you links, especially using short urls. Hackers will draw you to dating apps, making it easier for you to collect your data. It's one of the most common scams on Tinder.

Only access the dating app over a secure WiFi network. It is best to use a trusted VPN to secure network connections to protect dating applications. This adds an extra layer of security to application encryption.

Privacy and social engineering

  • Please do not share your name, address and place of work with your personal data. Tinder, Bumble and Happn all let users add information about their jobs and education. Using that information and name alone, Kaspersky researchers were able to match dating profiles with LinkedIn or Facebook accounts 60 percent of the time.

  • Don't link your Facebook account to yours. That way, hackers can more easily link your social media profile to your online dating material. Facebook also makes your data public in the event of a data breach.

  • Likewise, don't link Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp accounts to your dating app or share them in your profile.

  • Don't use your daily email address to set up accounts or relationships. Instead, get a separate anonymous email or specific application.

  • Always disable location sharing for all dating app accounts.

  • If you don't want to give out your phone number, you can use an app like Phoner or Burner to create a separate phone number. Since these numbers are temporary, it's difficult to use them on your reservation account, but you can take the time to get to know your target before you trust your number.

  • If your account is suspicious, try using reverse image search for your profile picture. If your search turns up photos from modeling agencies or foreign celebrities, you're more likely to see fake accounts.

  • Finally, you must share your personal information with you. You try to convince people that you're fun. Try to talk more about your interests, ambitions and hobbies, and don't use specific information that identifies you. More "I like pizza" than the corner of Main street and Second Avenue. Don't be afraid to say no when people ask you for personal information that you don't want to share with you.

  • Do not send digital photos to untrusted users. A digital photo may contain where and when and other information you can use to identify yourself. To share a photo, be sure to delete its metadata first. Also, always remember that explicit photos you send can be used for blackmail.

  • If you're chatting with someone and they respond quickly, or if their response seems stilted and full of illogical questions, be careful. When you're completely attracted to someone, it's hard for them to respond in unison, and you're more likely to talk to a bot. Online bots are getting harder to detect, but you can try a test,

  • It may seem obvious, but if someone asks you to send money on a dating app, your answer is always no.

  • You can't add your matches to your Facebook friends right away. As long as someone has access to your Facebook account, they can see your network of friends and family, as well as your past activities and locations. Wait a month or two before you make friends with them.

The personal safety

If you want to meet offline, set up a public area and tell your friends you're going. Also, you can choose to meet at a neutral location rather than your weekly restaurant or cafe.

Don't let this tip scare off your dating apps! They're fun, and they've helped millions of people find dates, pick-up dates, friends, wives, husbands, and more. Try not to let Cupid's arrow lull you into a false sense of security, and always remember that if someone looks great, he probably is.

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