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Censorship runs counter to two of the Internet's founding ideals: freedom and openness. But reclusive regimes around the world, like North Korea, China and Saudi Arabia, are trying to limit their citizens' access to information they deem inappropriate.

Yet while technology provides the tools to censor the web, it also provides the means to fight back. We believe in freedom of information and open Internet. To help you overcome these obstacles, we've written a guide to unblocking websites. Internet inspection generally takes one of the following methods. These methods are briefly introduced and ignored in this article.

Domain name System (DNS) filtering and redirection

If DNS servers are controlled by authorities, they can modify or unregister domains that have illegal content. This can make the site invisible to browsers and prevent it from resolving to the correct domain name or returning the wrong IP address.

You can unblock your site if you use an undamaged DNS server on your device. One way to find the correct DNS resolution is to use some of the most commonly used and widely supported domains, such as GooglePublicDNS, quad9, or CloudFlare1.1.1.1. Although using these services means you'll need to reconfigure your operating system, Google public DNS and Quad9 offer plenty of tutorials.

Internet Protocol (IP) blocking

When the government controls isPs, or isPs themselves want to blacklist certain websites, blocking IP addresses is a very simple way to do this. First, the censor creates a list of IP addresses for all the sites to block. This way, when a browser requests access to a site, the ISP checks each request against the list. If yes, the ISP will disconnect the connection. In addition, any site on the same shared hosting server is prevented from sharing the same IP address. IP address locking is also the most common method of geo-blocking content.

Filter by uniform resource locator (URL)

With (URL) filtering, Internet censors can deny access to certain websites based on the information contained in the URL list. This way, no matter who requests access to a site, Internet blockers scan the requested URL string for the target keyword in the list, regardless of the actual domain name entered in the URL.

Use a VPN or Tor browser

AVPN can bypass URL filtering and BLOCK IP addresses. A VPN establishes an encrypted tunnel between the device and the VPN server. That way, your Internet activity is routed through VPN servers and you can't be traced. Once constructed, VPNS can be used to access websites, instant messaging, E-mail, and other services on the Internet. AMANVPN offers free unlimited VPN to bypass the censorship you can get from here.

Another option is the open source software Tor, which effectively defies most censorship techniques. Tor's browser routes Internet connections through Tor's anonymous network. The software will encrypt your Internet connection and pop it up on Tor nodes around the world. Unfortunately, Tor can be slow and cumbersome to use, but it's a great option for people who want to access censored sites and anonymously access their web activity.

DPI depth grouping detection

DPI is an advanced form of censorship used in countries with strict Internet controls. This method identifies the type of communication being transmitted by examining the metadata of packets being sent between servers. Based on their findings, authorities were able to block, reroute or record network traffic. This effectively blocks encrypted communication. Advanced firewalls using DPI (such as the China Firewall) can even detect VPN or Tor traffic, thus blocking VPN and Tor usage.

For most Internet users, a trusted VPN service is a good way to circumvent online censorship. VPNS are much simpler and faster to set up than TorBrowser, and are a powerful tool than just changing DNS. So we chose AMANVPN as the best VPN service to ensure that even if the government tries to block online services, dissidents and activists will still have access to them.

AMANVPN, as an additional security layer, also provides enhanced security for VPN servers through our security core architecture, making your traffic more difficult to intercept because it can make your communications more difficult. AMANVPN is also a non-logging VPN service due to privacy issues, which means we don't keep a log of all your browsing activity.

Tools like AMANVPN and Tor go a long way toward keeping the web free and open, and helping you stay ahead of people who deny you access to information. As poet YvgenneyYeftoenko said: "silence is a lie when truth is replaced by silence. "We hope you will use these tools to overcome silence and find the truth.

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