What is privacy and security? How do you define it?

Product: How-To By: Richie Brody Created: (28,12,2021 at 13:48 PM)

Security/privacy has nothing to do with other privacy.

In AMANVPN, you send all VPN requests to our server, but we only change the routing of the sites we support. For your privacy, we are attempting to limit the amount of data sent through our systems and only redirect sites that directly participate in location verification. This way, you can see the contents of the view area that is different from your own.

VPN service solutions, like ours, are completely transparent to the external Internet, and everyone can confirm where they are being sent. This is done by comparing the results returned by the VPN to the "standard" VPN response. Therefore, the VPN request sent to our VPN server is not a private one. However, most sensitive information sites use SSL encryption to protect user data. We will not interfere with security.

To verify, if we redirect these sites to our servers, we can't "forge" SSL certificates without anyone noticing (you'll see a security warning in your browser when the site certificate and the site domain name don't match), and we can't see the encrypted data.

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