How to resolve the connection failure or failure?

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Because all of our home, workplace, and even school networks are completely different, some networks may have particular restrictions that can block VPN connections.

Solution 1: Check other networks

First, check if you can connect your device to a VPN on another network. Wi-fi. Ethernet and mobile Hot Zones - please try all possible options!

If you can't connect just one of them, then something will prevent you from connecting. If so, be sure to check whether your network is IPv6 enabled, as this can cause all kinds of connection problems.

Remember that parental controls and firewalls can cause these problems too!

If you can't use this kind of network to connect to your VPN, it's usually a good thing to try to change your connection protocol next!

Solution 2: Change the connection protocol

Different connection protocols may give you some particular errors that will tell our support staff a lot about potential problems, so if you have a problem,

Solution 3: Outages may interfere with applications

Your antivirus or other VPN application is another one that absolutely hates VPN connections and usually won't let them through. Make sure your antivirus software is disabled and you have installed any other VPN applications.

Because our app modifies your connection Settings slightly, most anti-virus software probably considers it a threat to your device and blocks attempts to connect to the VPN server. Multiple VPN applications also have different connection configurations, competing with each other and canceling connections.

Solution 4: Upgrade the AMANVPN application

Finally, once it is confirmed that you cannot connect to all possible networks. All kinds of agreements are useless. Disable antivirus software. Uninstall another VPN, or when you try to connect, you receive an error screenshot, please try re-installing the AMANVPN app.

Your AMANVPN app may be out of date, which can cause connectivity difficulties. Because there are often various network restrictions, our team is trying to avoid every update!

If you have any further questions or questions, our client team will provide a 24/7 email service.

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