"Network Security Management Commands"-what you need to know.

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On May 12, U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order to raise national standards for protecting cybersecurity.

In order to achieve this goal, its official name is the "Executive Order to Improve National Cybersecurity", which will give priority to strengthening the security of the federal network. The report also outlines the growing cyber threat information sharing between the government and the private sector, and strengthens the United States’ ability to deal with cyber incidents in the event of cyber incidents.

Here is everything you need to know about commands.

Why was the cybersecurity administrative order issued?

Whether it is the SolarWinds hacker or the recent ColonialPipeline ransomware attack, government and private sector systems are becoming more vulnerable.

Considering the widespread impact of such incidents, measures must be taken to reduce its frequency and impact. The online security administrative order is to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future and to limit the efforts made to limit emerging cyber threats, and to realize the modernization of national cyber security.


What is a cyber security administrative order?

How can the country's cyber security defense be improved? The executive order lists seven main steps.

it can:

1. Make service providers share information that violates regulations.

IT vendors are generally unwilling or unwilling to provide threatening information to the government because of contractual obligations or fear of negative publicity. Executing instructions requires service providers to share information that violates regulations, thereby removing these obstacles. This includes information that can identify threats to government networks.


2. Modernization of federal government technology and cyber security procedures.

As cyber threats become more and more complex, we need the best available tools to deal with these threats. But for a long time, the federal government has fallen behind in this regard, and its technology and practices have become obsolete. Fortunately, the executive order introduced new technologies and best practices into the federal government infrastructure. These include accelerating the transition to secure cloud services and zero-trust architecture. The executive order also requires the deployment of multiple authentication and encryption for a specific period of time.


3. Develop benchmark security standards for government software.

In order to maintain the network security best practices listed in the previous plan, the executive order created a basic security standard that all software sold to the government must meet. These include increasing the transparency of developers and the supervision of open source software. This executive order also established a software safety certification test project similar to the Energy Star project. This will produce a label so that the government and the public can quickly identify the security software.


4. Establish a cyber security review committee.

In order to better analyze and respond to cyber incidents, the executive order established a cyber security review committee. This committee will be led by the government and the private sector, and will meet after a major cyber incident to assess its impact and make recommendations to avoid similar incidents in the future.


5. Establish a standard network incident response script.

In order to ensure that all federal departments and agencies are prepared to respond to cyber attacks, the Executive Order has developed a standard script that outlines the specific response steps that should be taken. This can prevent impromptu reactions of various departments and agencies in the event of an accident, thereby speeding up the reaction and reducing losses. This script will also create response templates for private companies.


6. Enable the federal government network to better detect cybersecurity incidents.

To eliminate cyber threats before they cause the greatest damage, executive orders require the deployment of endpoint detection and response systems on government networks. This system will also allow the federal government to get more information.


7. Mandatory network security incident records of federal departments and agencies.

Ultimately, in order to improve investigative capabilities, executive orders require federal departments and agencies to create and maintain logs of cybersecurity incidents. This recording process is used to improve each organization's ability to detect system intrusions.


When will it take effect?

After the signing, the cyber security administrative order came into effect. However, many measures cannot be taken immediately because these measures take time. To this end, the executive order sets out a timetable for specific initiatives. For example, a standard incident response script should be created within 120 days. The full details of the different time frames are provided in the executive order text.


Key points


Review everything you need to know about network security management commands:

This executive order is a direct response to the growing cyber threat.

The executive order highlights seven major cybersecurity measures.

They will:

Provide specific information that violates regulations to service providers, thereby eliminating barriers to information sharing.

Introduce new technologies and best practices into the infrastructure of the federal government, such as secure cloud services, zero-trust architecture, multi-factor authentication, and data encryption.

Establish basic security standards that all software sold to the government must comply with.

Set up a committee composed of government and private sector leaders. After a major cyber incident, a meeting will be held to make evaluations and recommendations.

Write standard scripts to facilitate tracking of network events.

Deploy terminal detection and response systems on the federal government network.

Cybersecurity event records require federal departments and agencies to record.

The executive order takes effect as soon as it is signed, but because it cannot be implemented immediately, many initiatives have their own time periods.

The point is that although the executive order is a major advancement, it also clearly states that federal action alone is not enough to protect all Internet users. In the final analysis, most of the important infrastructure of the United States is controlled by the private sector.


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