Why do all professionals use VPN?

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Business experts cannot tolerate unprotected Internet connections. The maintenance of company personal data is very important, especially for business trips and the use of personal devices.

Tourism depends on the work abilities of countless professionals. If you are one of them, you may already have applications and service tools. However, the increasing network threats allow people to access certain websites through certain services, and it is more complicated to protect the remote access of the corporate network. Therefore, professionals have to invest in virtual private networks (VPN services).

How do businesses and professionals use VPN?

With a VPN, you can connect to a remote server and create a secure encrypted virtual tunnel for your data. The innovative Wi-Fi security system can instantly protect unknown or untrusted networks by automatically starting VPN protection.

The initial development goal of VPN is to allow every employee to remotely and securely access the corporate network. If an employee connects to the company's VPN network, the employee can access the company's resources and services as if the employee is actually in the office. But this operation does not require VPN. Many companies use similar settings for remote employees. Therefore, you should always use a VPN.

Why use VPN?

Every professional should use VPN, not only for their personal privacy and safety, but also to protect business data.


1.Keep the public focus insecure.

Since your data is not publicly encrypted via WiFi, any hacker can read all the data transmitted in plain text. In this way, hackers can install software on your computer and obtain confidential information such as usernames and passwords. At the same time, they can also dig into your mailbox to find history.

Whether it is professional or personal, it is dangerous. If you do not want to transfer work-related passwords, files and other personal information to others, you should consider additional security levels such as VPN for remote access.

VPN provides military encryption, which means that cyber criminals cannot intercept your personal information. With SaferVPN, data transmitted on any network is protected by 256-bit bank-level encryption.

Services like Asana and Salesforce are transferred to the cloud through GoogleDrive, Asana, and Salesforce.


2.Hackers will steal your company's information.

After hackers invade private companies, cyber criminals can steal corporate data and even leak user identity information. Recent examples include the Equifax data leak, the scope of which has not yet been fully determined. Today, all of Yahoo's user base is constantly updated, and WannaCry reminds the world that even the most advanced operating system can resist attacks from phishing and ransomware.

With VPN, all communications between devices and terminals to be connected will be encrypted by bank-level security. This means that all your data and passwords are private and cannot be accessed by hackers. We recommend that individuals and businesses (regardless of their size) always use commercial VPNs.


3.Not enough antivirus.

Although traditional standards protect every device through anti-virus, firewall and anti-malware software, the truth is that this is not enough. Although these security measures will remind users not to download malicious files and clean your device when malicious files are detected to ensure that you have done enough preventive work, preventive measures such as VPNs are also necessary. VPN allows you to eliminate hackers and even carry out these attacks. This means that VPN will not clean up the computer after being attacked, but first protect hackers from locking your device and stealing your personal data.

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