Why trust AMANVPN?

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That's because, like you, we want to keep the Internet free and reclaim it in the land of the Lost.

So our primary concern is to protect your privacy.

Because our trust and yours has been broken by so many people by now, but we still have to start somewhere.

As we wish to provide you with as much and as comprehensive information as possible through this Internet page, our offer will be as transparent as possible.

Because maintaining your privacy, extending your freedom and increasing your security on the Internet is the essence of our business and passion. We firmly believe in the value of striving for a free and secure Internet, and we will do everything we can to provide you with a secure, fast and reliable VPN.

So can AMANVPN be trusted?

VPN software can effectively protect network data. However, it is important to know that your VPN provider is concerned about you.

In the past, we have always been open and honest.

We have a tradition of issuing transparency reports. It's important for us to provide opportunities for our communities to understand how to protect their data.

The number of DMCA complaints, malware activity flags and police requests we receive can all be viewed. But because we have a strict no-log policy, we never share any user data with the authorities.

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