The service is lost. Why?

Product: Service-Updates By: Richie Brody Created: (28,12,2021 at 14:56 PM)

Well, sometimes changes need to be made so that there are no permanent and immovable server assignments. We need to change servers to server types, add or remove servers, change countries/regions, and so on for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes we need to do maintenance work so that the corresponding server is offline for a period of time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. They are usually sent through our social media platform or system tray.

One or more servers may go offline due to failure and/or misuse and/or a meteorite fall or any other unforeseen reason. So, if you're looking for a server, then we need to be a little patient when the other party has been gone for a while - but rest assured, we're doing our best to fix and/or work with the authorities or data center.

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