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When buying a VPN, you have a choice-the following is why AMANVPN is your best choice.

Are you looking for a VPN? you are not alone. A quarter of Internet users in the world use VPNs to keep the Internet safe and private. However, we have advantages over other VPNs on the market:

1. No third party.

Ideally, when you use a VPN, your VPN traffic is dense. Unfortunately, the truth is often not the case. This is something we don't like. Therefore, through AMANVPN, we ensure that you can get the best confidentiality on the market.

This means that 100% of the code is written by ourselves; 100% of the infrastructure is owned by us; 100% of the servers are operated by ourselves. In addition, we have in-house network engineers working around the clock, so you can get fast, safe, and completely private services-there is absolutely no third party to handle your traffic.

2. No logs

Most VPNs say that even though they may still monitor your activity, they will not log your data.

We focus on transparency, your privacy and security, and your ability to freely access the Internet, but we also know that talking is useless. This is why we asked for a review to prove that we don't have a log VPN. We passed the review!

So, when we say that you are using AMANVPN, we will be invisible on the Internet. We don't even know what you are looking at.

3. Streaming Netflix, Hulu, HBO, BBCiPlayer, etc.

We have mastered the trend of streaming media services, allowing you to use AMANVPN's lightning-fast streaming VPN to watch your favorite programs anywhere.

4.No one knows that you are using a VPN.

Use the unmodified OpenVPN256-bit protocol to prevent deep packet inspection (DPI), VPN blocking, and bandwidth limitation. You can maintain the freedom of the Internet, no one knows that you are using a VPN.

5. The servers are all over the world.

With AMANVPN, you can use your IP address unlimitedly through our server. These servers are all over the world, and we are still adding more.

6. Device-friendly applications.

AMANVPN has the best VPN app for all devices and can easily work on multiple platforms. AMANVPN can be used through the VPN mobile app for Android and the VPN mobile app for iOS.

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