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AMAN VPN-The fastest VPN service provider

We have very advanced servers in many countries and have established a global reliable network service. Our world-class servers are expertly optimized for greater security and the fastest speeds without slowing down your network.

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AMAN VPN World Class Server Network

Provide global high-speed network, while focusing on the United States, the United States optimized server speed is faster.

Next-generation servers in multiple countries
Servers optimized for US performance
Fast connection network available anywhere in the world
Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited internet speed

Enjoy blazing fast connection speeds that never limit your data.

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Our ad blocker protects you from ads, trackers and malware so you can browse the web at the highest possible speed.

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Will AMAN VPN slow down?

AMAN VPN has a world-class network service on a large scale and spreads all over the world, making it the fastest of all VPN providers. Of course, if you feel that the network speed is not fast during the process of your connection, it only takes a few seconds to easily switch servers.

I want a faster VPN experience, what should I do?

For the fastest and most secure VPN experience, consider adding a dedicated IP address. Unlike a shared IP, which is assigned to multiple users, a dedicated IP is unique to your account (no one else can use it), avoiding congestion and delivering faster speeds while maintaining the security and anonymity of traditional VPNs.

Why is the number of servers important?

The higher the number of servers, the lower the load rate and the faster the speed. When you have a lot of servers to choose from, the chances of a full server and slow connection are drastically reduced. PIA has next-generation servers around the world, providing fast, secure connections anywhere.

Which countries does aman vpn have servers in?

AMAN VPN has new types of servers in multiple countries, and the number is constantly increasing. We have servers all over the world, and we have a large number of servers in the US alone, providing extremely fast VPN connection speeds both inside and outside the US. Also, the closer the server is to your actual location, the faster you will be when connected.