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What a no-logs policy means

No logs policy means we never collect or store your VPN data AMAN VPN strictly enforces no logs policy! Privacy is also part of our business We never store and share any user's information. for example:

Your IP address
Bandwidth consumption
Browsing History
Number of connections and duration
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Privacy protection is documented

AMAN VPN's no-logs policy has been proven in court many times. When government authorities ask us for customer data,we cannot because it does not exist, a fact we have repeatedly proven in court.

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We also occasionally receive log requests from users,but since we don't have any information,we can't provide anything.

We do not track your activity

We do not store any information about your usage time or purpose of using AMAN VPN. We believe that your VPN usage is entirely a private matter.

Personal privacy is our number one priority

AMAN VPN is very supportive of privacy-conscious behavior
We don't keep anyone's usage logs

Accessible from all devices

You only need download the corresponding client of the device to access various websites

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Does AMAN VPN keep logs?

It's not true. AMAN VPN has a strict 100% no usage log policy,with means we do not collect or store any VPN usage information from our users. We do not log any information about your browsing activity, connection,bandwidth usage,ect. But the term "no logs policy" can be somewhat misleading - we do need to store email addresses and payment information in order to provide you with services.

What does "no usage log" mean?

No usage logs means that AMAN VPN does not collect or store any data about your VPN usage, including your browsing,connection times and bandwidth data. We do not log other important information such as your browsing history,bandwidth consumption and connection time.

How does AMAN VPN ensure my privacy?

AMAN VPN never records or stores any user information, so you can be confident that no personal information will be tracked and recorded during your use of AMAN VPN.

Why choose AMAN VPN?

With years of expertise in the VPN industry,AMAN VPN has now become one of the most popular and highly rated VPN service providers.

AMAN VPN is very reliable and we have an expert technical team with 24/7 support.

We believe that trust is a very important consideration when choosing a VPN provider.

This is one of the reasons why we at AMAN VPN chose to open source - we really have nothing to hide.