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open source

From 100% open source VPN apps to 100% open source VPN protocols,AMAN VPN is one of the most transparent and trusted VPN providers.

Check our code at any time to know that we are committed to protecting your privacy

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What does open source mean

AMAN VPN is one of the top VPN providers offering 100% open source VPN apps.

The means that the code is exposed to everyone for inspection and analysis.

We show that we have nothing to hide

AMAN VPN source code is open to the public
Open source code reduces vulnerability risk
Anyone can check the source code

Open Source VPN Protocol

In addition to the open source VPN app,AMAN VPN also uses

WireGuard and OpenVPN - two of the most trusted VPN protocols today

User evaluation

John Wilson

From Facebook

This is an excellent VPN

Easy to use and easy to operate This software provides some of the features i wantlt's the best VPN I've ever used

Alex Chan

From Facebook

super easy

AMAN VPN is the easiest VPN I have ever used and can link directly to the country address I want with just one click

Eric Thao

From Facebook

Reassured Simple Satisfied

It's really a great VPN software.The connection method is very simple and the connection speed is very fast.


WireGuard® is currently a very efficient VPN protocol,other protocols use more than 10000 lines of code and he only uses more than 400 lines of code.

The ultimate VPN experience
Code for easy inspection
Fastest VPN Protocol

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What does open source mean?

Open source means that anyone can inspect and analyze it.All clients of AMAN VPN are open source.

Why is open source important?

AMAN VPN is one of the few service providers that can provide open source VPN.

Open source software is supposed to be trustworthy because if there are security issues in it,the public quickly sees it.

When an application chooses to open source,it means that it is a program with nothing to hide.

Why is AMAN VPN better than other VPNs?

First of all,the AMAN VPN app is 100% open source,which is something that few other VPN service providers can do.

At the same time,AMAN VPN is one of the most configurable and free VPNs,which allows you to connect to networks in various regions with almost no restrictions, and AMAN VPN can unblock major mainstream media platforms, allowing you to browse websites on the Internet as you like,and service.In short,AMAN VPN provides the most flexible,powerful and secure VPN service in the world.